Scrape off boilies?

Scratch the Boilies?
Question from the network / answer from practice:
"Is it true that the attracting effect of a boilies can be improved if you scrap off its outer skin?"
Finished 20ml Liquid + 20 g Powder Pro KG) with "Give Me 4"

Theoretically yes, sometimes also practical. But to be honest, I don't know a successful angler who actually does this permanently in practice. This is probably because there are much more effective methods of giving the bait more attract. Wetting with liquid and powder attractors is much more effective than scratching the skin of the boilies. And with steamed boilies, everything is still where it belongs. The boilies treated with PIMP immediately spread an intensive curly lure, as a result at the same time to the boilie inwards and still remain hard because it separates right away when drying. And that they stay tough is very crucial in order to be able to fishing on carp selectively. Elaborately scratched boilies dodge much faster and are then eaten more easily by white fishing.

inp - one of the best attractors I know! Elite, elite stawberry and co would not be what they are without him ...
For short sittels you can take a campaign, bite, halve and everything that comes to mind works. But the most effective way is the PIMP, for example, with Inliquid, Powder, Inp and Liquid Amino, known under the name "Give Me 4". These four attractors are my most successful from the Carptrack Range. They are particularly easy to use and extremely efficient when fishing on carp. Many, many 100 PBS have already been caught and there is no end in sight.

Liquid amino - the thousand water - forever.
➒ Wetted boilies attract and catch faster and work better than you are scratchy-you also stay much longer hard.

"Give Me 4"-The box that has it! br>
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