Big Fish and Big Fish Offer

"If this fish boilie could speak, he would tell grandiose stories ...... of unforgettable sessions and catches from all over Europe!"
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imperial baits Carptrack big fish Boilie -now even stronger! /Strong>

The ib Carptrack Big Fish Boilie is a bait from Imperial Baits from the very beginning. Since 2003 he has been fished very successfully by carp anglers throughout Europe and since the beginning he has been one of the bestsellers in the carptrack boilerange.

Fischers Fritz fishes with fresh fish flour!
Our fish theaters come directly from Norway and halfway we take the Robin Red and Super Red from Haiths Aud England.

Fischmeld LT94
The fish flour LT94 is dried at a very low temperature, which means that nutritional properties and amino acids, as well as a protein content of over 74% in the end product. Attention: The fish flour is tasty and smelled not to compare with ordinary fish flour!

Fish flour
Another decisive recipe component forms the pre -digested fish flour (Pre Digested). It is a highly water-soluble fish protein concentrate with 84% protein content that looks extremely attractive on carp with its amino acid profile . Due to its , this flour demonstrates 75%water solubility even at cold water temperatures, its bombastic attracting effect! Many well -known bigfishangler have been counting on this costly ingredient for years and decades.

big fish contains the famous robin red and super red from Haiths!

Last but not least, we still want to point out the super water -soluble protein concentrate, which must be included in all carptrack boilies without

The Essential Oil Black Pepper (3ml/kg) and the Carprtrack Fish Flavor XXL (6ml/kg) forgot.

agony of choice in the boilies search?
This fishboilie is the bang forever - a jack of all -mass - now even stronger!

or a top offer for the Big Fish Boilie?
Here would be the current and sensational Big Fish Offer incl. Inp and Inliquid

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