Big Fish Battle at short trips - or PIMP wins.

Whoever pimps with unprepared trips has better chances of fish.

The problem
Anyone who is a short WE or only 3-4 days fresh on the lake and has no options for feeding has a problem. Because that has nothing to do with "Conditionation of a certain feed and a certain place" . That just doesn't work in the short time.

The solution

But there is a solution. You need something soluble , something that works for you in the water and the French fries effect triggers. Certainly the "Karsten and his dream carp" Video. And that's exactly how it works.

and so it works:
You can, like Daniel in this video All 7 liquid and 4 powdered carptrack products Buy individually and mix in each other and give them over your boilies to sweeten your night to make your night in action with great fish

even easier:
or you take the "Wysdak Pimp" , which I mixed from the same ingredients many years ago, because the many doses were too complex for me and I All 11 components gave over the boilies and fed and caught and caught after a small drying time. Daniel also caught so many Big Ones on a wide variety of waters in 2020/21, when we called him the nickname "Wysdak Pimp" . This means carptrack Amino Complex Liquid & AMP; Amino Complex Powder .

The full power The best from 20 years is in my Amino complex Liquid & AMP; Powder . 11 ingredients, The big eleven of modern carp anglers!

and the application is very simple:
25-50 ml from the liquid component and exactly like this Place a lot (25-50) grams per kg boilies from the powdery component over the boilies or particles and shake through vigorously. Then let stand with a bucket lid, if it should get faster.
The longer you dry, the slower the effect in the water when you have fed the boilies or particles. < br>

mix freshly pimped with long-pimped boilies to achieve a quick and longer-attached attraction.

Everything else can be found with tips and tricks for the product in the description , in PIMP My Bait Flyer and on our website and online.

Tight lines🎣

not yet seen? brings. Click the picture to start the video.
tight lines, Max Nollert

P.S. Not enough of pimping?
Then look at the l i n k

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