Born as a trunk boat & chassis for boats

that fits.
The 160 iboat was born as trunk boat fits So in every trunk. Here is a Golf 8 of Mathis Korn.
feed, drill, Loden.
The 160s participates and often also serves as a haccatting .

CHRITION FOR BOOTE. When it comes to building the smallest possible inflatable boat, the
You can do a lot with it and new areas of application are opened up every year. More on that shortly.
But what a mandatory compromise in this
Mini format Was, the waiver of a real keel. Otherwise it would be bigger again, more difficult etc. ... and we would miss our objective.
Chattery, whether with electric motors or paddling are always worse without keel than with keel.
But since it is short and narrow, it is very agile.
The boat nevertheless found other large advantages and therefore found its place in many trunk rooms.
"make it bigger and Better ”.
more about this. .jpg? V = 1646994364 "Alt =" ">
Bigger without Kiel is an absolute no-go. And that is either only possible with a clever high-pressure air floor or with a newly developed Slatfloor . Not to be confused with a simple slatted floor, regardless of the material. destination is to close the holraum that inevitably arises through the keel.

Who does not use this technical solution from keel and suitable soil as a manufacturer A boat that pushes into curves instead of turning on.
man could say that the keel is the chassis of a boat.
< Span style = "Color: #404040;"> If the chassis is bad, spots can be poorly explored or targeted with the echo sounder. The Slatfloor and space.

> Pronounced chassis for stable spa strike. For all iBoats from 210cm

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