Rebelcell Quick Connect Echolot - Faston

Rebelcell Quick Connect Echolot - Faston

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2 cables with extra plugs for a 1-click connection of the echo

area of ​​application: Connection of the echolot on 12V11 / 12V18 Angling Li-ion battery.

Most important features:

A: 1 x 2.5mm² cable: ~ 25 cm long with faston terminal eyelets and anen pa-45 red/black plugs (to connect to the battery)
b: 1 x 2.5mm² cable : ~ 25 cm long with anen pa-red/black plugs on both ends + integrated “in-line” 3a backup (with 1 click on cable A and with the other side on the cabling of the echolot). With extra anen pa-45 plug for the echo sound. : Use the Quick Connect Echolot cable only for echolote, not for the e-engine! Echolots.

  • The Faston Connectors are “firm” on the battery of the Rebelcell
    Li-ion battery, while the additional red and black
    anen connections are connected to the cabling of the echo.
  • The plug is suitable for the cabling of 10-20 AWG, up to max. 20a
    . The contacts must be crimped (with a crimpanze) or
  • The contacts must be guided after soldering or crimping in the red (+)
    or black ( -) plugs until you hear it clicked.
  • The contacts are then locked and can no longer be pulled out
    . If necessary, get your electrical installer
    further advice.

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