Carp´r´us - PVA embroidery system - 35 mm, 7m
Carp´r´us - PVA embroidery system - 35 mm, 7m

Carp´r´us - PVA embroidery system - 35 mm, 7m

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carp'r'us-PVA-stick system

carp'r'us-PVA-stick system presents a new line precisely manufactured PVA tunneling systems

carp'r'us Pva Stick System 7m 25mm Carp'r'us-The PVA-stick system is a new line of precisely manufactured PVA tunnel systems. Thanks to the sophisticated production, the PVA stocking does not spontaneously steam and only dissolves very well after contact with water.

The unique properties of high-quality PVA fibers ensure the reliable function of the PVA hose even in very cold water. Thanks to its compact dimensions, the PVA stick system is a great tool for all anglers. The finely woven material enables the use of a variety of baits, small pellets, crushed boilies or very fine embroidery mixtures.

carp'r'us-The PVA embroidery system contains a 7 m long PVA smoke with a diameter of 35 mm. With its compact dimensions of only 15.5 cm, it fits easily in a small PVA bag.

Features of the PVA-stick system

  • precisely knitted PVA hose
  • excellent solubility also in cold water
  • compact dimensions
  • Suitable for the use of very fine bait

Technical parameters

diameter: Ø 35 mm

quantity: 7 m²

System dimensions: 15.5 cm

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