Carp'r'us - Mouthsnagger Maggot - Red (8 PCs)

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Mouthsnagger Maggot

The original and patented Carp'r'us Mouthsnagger conquered the market as a simple shrink hose replacement in the "Lign-Aligner" hook presentation. The Mouthsnagger improve the rotating property of the hook and minimize the chance that the fish can blow out our rig without hooking. -12, to be attached. In contrast to conventional shrink hose, the Mouthsnagger are already pre -shaped and no longer have to be shaped and fastened by strong heat or water vapor. If the hook is no longer needed or exchanged, the Mouthsnagger can be removed and used again.

Mouthsnagger are made from an exclusive material that absorbs every smell and taste of the bodies of water, compared to other "line-aligners" materials.

A hook that is equipped with a mouth sagger improves the Hakefficiens and increases the number of hooked fish enormous.

Available in color: red
Content: 8 pieces

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