iBox 30 L ''The Big One'' - 3 pcs.
iBox 30 L ''The Big One'' - 3 pcs.

iBox 30 L ''The Big One'' - 3 pcs.


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Available, enough stock

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product description

iBox the Big One - 30 Litre Special Edition
Our iBoxes are practical and very versatile!

Attention: Now in the black cover style. . .

Pictures show partially still old version.

- Made of nylon-reinforced plastic
- Deep freezable
- Extremely rugged
- Virtually water-impermeable and odor
- Height38.5 cm
- 38cm in diameter!

- Optimum use of space as double stacked in all combos
- Stackable
- Extremely resilient

Use for
- Dry clothes
- Food
- Carp Sacks
- Fish Food

Ideal for large amounts of food
Volumetric capacity of 20 kg boilies, mix or particle
Pimp and stockpile up to 20 kg of food!

Internal Compartment
A special feature is the additional 
Internal Compartment
Depth 10 cm
Diameter 37.5 cm
Volumetric capacity of 7 liters
Includes locking mechanism for iBox

Use of the Internal Compartment
Safe storage for Dips, Gels, Pop Ups, inPinL, Liquid, Powder, or other Additives, mix yourCarptrack Explosiv Stickmix or MethodMix in it!