Rebelcell Charger 12.6V3A for 12V07AV

Rebelcell Charger 12.6V3A for 12V07AV

Product.Nr.: AR-4195

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Available, enough stock

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product description

Powerful chargers to quickly and safely charge the 12V07AV Li-Ion battery.

Charging time:
about 2,5-3 hours.

Main features

Compact and light:
charger weighs only < 0.35 kg

Easy to connect:
The charger can be easily connected to the battery poles using alligator clips.

LED indicator:
to easily find out the charging status

Automatic shutdown:
no risk of overloading. The charger switches off automatically as soon as the battery is full.

1 year warranty

The Rebelcell 12.6V3A Li-Ion battery charger is only intended for charging the 12V07AV Li-Ion battery. Before using the device, read the instructions on the sticker on the charger and follow the instructions.