A1 Three Rod Adjustable Buzz Bars Back

A1 Three Rod Adjustable Buzz Bars Back


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product description

Benefitting from our P1 designs, these feature a profiled inner section to prevent twist. Both sides are adjustable in length via the knurled locking collar and our Taper-Loc system. Benefitting from our Pozi-Loc, perfect alignment system and the 3/8BSF thread also ensures they are also compatible with all Solar banksticks, and many others as well.

With our renowned reputation in bankside hard­ware, our A1 range represents the next level in alloy tackle development.
Apart from being extremely lightweight, and in an understated, black finish, we’ve strengthened the areas of stress normally associated with this type of hardware.
Built by anglers, for anglers, this gear is designed for performance and longevity