IB Carptrack RAMBO - Elite - 20mm / 80g
IB Carptrack RAMBO - Elite - 20mm / 80g
IB Carptrack RAMBO - Elite - 20mm / 80g

IB Carptrack RAMBO - Elite - 20mm / 80g


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5,52 EUR pro 100 gram

Product.Nr.: SNAPSHOT Elite RAMBO 20mm

Available, enough stock
Available, enough stock

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product description

nur so lange der Vorrat reicht!
2. Wahl RAMBO's:
minimale Verunreinigung auf der Außenhaut (abwaschbar)

Imperial Baits Carptrack
RAMBO Hookbaits
– extra strong, sinking and feather light

You can only catch a fish if you have a boilie on the hair. Crabs, catfish and increasingly gobies are making the carp angler’s life difficult at times. So we need to be stronger than them, if necessary over long periods of time, for example when long-range fishing. The longer it lays, the smaller the risk – that is the carp’s experience that it normally
operates on. This has not been scientifically proven, however we are certain that it is difficult to find a scientist who knows more about their behaviour than us carp anglers, who love nothing more than observing these fantastic animals. As we made the Rambos almost weightless in the water, they perfectly round up the hook bait collection to fish successfully in every kind of condition.

RAMBO – throw them in to pull ‘em out!

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