Boilie Airgun "Nex Generation" 1kg Dough

Boilie Airgun "Nex Generation" 1kg Dough


125,75 EUR

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Product.Nr.: AR-2764

Available, enough stock
Available, enough stock

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product description

The untamed workhorse.
Next generation Boilie Guns. Quality you can count on.

3 models to choose from:
1kg, 2.5kg, 3.5kg or 4.5kg boilie dough

Included with each gun:
3 cutting nozzles with diameter indication

Boilie Airguns „Nex Generation“
Premium manufacture and a solid construction through knurled aluminium. Top quality and very long lasting even under intense usage. Top priority has been given to the smooth running but very sturdy screw thread. An internal Manometer permanently shows the pressure. The nozzle is fixed to the Gun and works very precisely. Any standard compressor will allow you to work with an ideal pressure of up to 8bar.

The Boilie Airguns "Nex Generation" are a great long time investment.

Watch a video of the improved previous model during work!

Carp Total Film clip on Boilie Production with BPS (Boilie Protector Spray)

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