IB Team Watch - made in Germany
IB Team Watch - made in Germany
IB Team Watch - made in Germany
IB Team Watch - made in Germany
IB Team Watch - made in Germany
IB Team Watch - made in Germany
IB Team Watch - made in Germany
IB Team Watch - made in Germany
IB Team Watch - made in Germany
IB Team Watch - made in Germany
IB Team Watch - made in Germany

IB Team Watch - made in Germany

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Available, enough stock

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product description

Imperial Fishing presents:
The new „IB Team Watch“

High quality and the lowest possible price! How can that work?!
In the end all we are trying to do is win back our initial investment so that we can provide this awesome product to you. A great product at the best possible price for the crowd!

The watch is an image project and is not about making profit, but rather something we have wanted to do for some time. Bringing this idea to reality is only possible thanks to our fans all over Europe. That we have insisted on highest quality comes as no surprise. And how high that quality is you will see in the following details.

Sporty, unique, stylish and featuring a scaled pattern on the watch face - the new “IB Team Watch” in limited numbers. We have dreamed about this for some time!

The IB Team Watch is a real JUNKERS watch - made in Germany!
These watches are made by that well-known German company. Those who know watches, know Junker. They are to be found in any watch shop next to such makers as ZEPPELIN or MAXIMILIAN MÜNCHEN.
The IB Team Watch is based on the best-selling Junkers model.
The company has been known for over 25 years for their watches which are high quality and have unmistakable design. And all this at a price which is not too high for your average consumer. The company is not interested of course in producing us such a unique piece when we were to order only 5 or 10 watches. 100 units were ordered and numbered. You would not be see or await from us a cheap watch with a logo on it from somewhere in the world. We are excited about our 100 fans who will wear them on their arm and prove us correct that we can count on our customers.

Attention collectors
When the IB Team Watch is as successful as we think it will be, then we want to launch a new edition each year. A black edition sample already exists, but we are not quite there yet!
The watch works
Swiss quartz caliber 5030d Ronda
Quality note: 13 stones golded, 6 stones nickled
Repairable metal watch works

- Wrestband in leather (also available as an option is a black silicon armband)
- High quality chronograph with three eyes
- Battery life of 54 months (4 years)
- Scratch resistant metal housing (the color cannot come off)
- Scaled in 3D- on the watch face (an actual scale pattern was used)
- Engraved bottom of the watch with number (limited to initial orders)
- Instruction manual included

Functions of the chronographen
Central-stop second (1/1 Sec)
30 minute-counter
12 hour-counter
Small second

Additional functions
- ADD function - makes it possible to measure the duration of successive events without having to set the counter to zero. Each measured time segment is added to the previously measured value.
- Split function - allows the pointers to be intercepted for reading an intermediate time with still running time measurement. When the time measurement is resumed, the chronograph hands pick up the elapsed time
- Energy saving-function when the crown is pulled out: reduces the battery drain by 70%
- Very easy function with 2 buttons

Watch face with scaled background design 35,7 mm
Watch 42 mm
Armband width 22 mm

Price: 279 Euro