IB Titanium Amulet
IB Titanium Amulet
IB Titanium Amulet

IB Titanium Amulet

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Available, enough stock

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product description

The wave form amutlett is made from so called grey titanium in which the IB logo fish has been milled into the material with careful precision. To finish the process a black ceramic is used and the amulett is finely polished.

In the photo:
Here, the logo fish is filled with a liquid black ceramic and the surface is matt polished. ATTENTION: The silicone necklace shown in the photo is not included in the delivery and must be ordered seperately.

Each titanium piece can be made to your personal wishes:

A Design
- with a single large logo fish
- with many smaller logo fish
B Finishing

- black filled with PVD
- black filled with liquid ceramic (the depth is a bit less distinct)
- left in its natural state
C Surface

- polished shiny
- „worn look“ through diamond sponge polish
- polished „flat“

Please with your order identify what you want in A, B, and C.

Delivery time is 4-6 Weeks
Paid orders through 06.11.2015 will be delivered before Christmas. PVD coated pieces must be ordered and paid before 30.10.2015 so that they can be ready for Christmas delivery.

Long lasting quality:
Even after many years of use your piece will look as it did on the first day!

Each piece is individually hand made and is finished and polished with care by hand!
-made in Switzerland
-made from pure titanium material
-alergy free jewlery
-very sturdy, requiring no special cleaning/care
-salt and sweet water resistant
-each piece is an unique individual

About Titanium:
Titanium is light, very robust, absolutly allergy free, and comfortable to wear. It gives the jewlery a premium look. Through the varied design looks, polishing options, and fillings there are many variations possible which ensures a sporting look. Titanium is absolutley corrosion resistant and can be worn even in salt water and requires no special care or caution. Due to the finishing work, the variants can be chosen from matt, to shiny, to a „worn look“. The choice is yours. The coating with black PVD allows for many varied design effects.