Set "Guns'n Roller Beginner"

Set "Guns'n Roller Beginner"


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Imperial Fishing „Guns‘n Roller“ Sets
Great for those who are new to the rolling game, but also for the Pros! Perfect and cost effective way to get into your own Boilie production. No matter if you like to make small or large quantities, we will tailor it for your needs.

The ‘Guns‘n Roller‘ Set Beginner contains the following products:
- Boilie Handgun ''Beginner'' for 1 kg Dough and Nozzle
- Boilie roller ‘Professional‘. You can choose between the sizes 16, 20 or 24mm
- BPS (Boilie Protector Spray) for the perfect production and makes
  your boilies last extra-long without mould.
- iBox 12.5l for up to 8kg of Boilies or Mix
- Imperial Baits Clickbox

Carp Total Film clip on Boilie Production with BPS (Boilie Protector Spray)

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