DVD ''Unplugged Catfish 1 - Giants of the Ebro''

DVD ''Unplugged Catfish 1 - Giants of the Ebro''


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Unplugged Catfish I: Giants of the Ebro on the 11th Sept. 2001
2 DVDs – over 4hours

Unplugged, because this is an amazing video in original quality that could only have suffered from editing or cutting.

Filmed at the breath-taking Lakes Caspe and Ebro, you will not only see catfish drills at all hours of the day and night.

Different terrain, glorious sunshine to really rough conditions with strong winds, you will be watching 11 unforgettable days at the water in which 63 catfish were caught by us two guys. 15 of those were over 1.80m long and two were absolute monsters at over 140lb and over 150lb.

It could not have been better if it had a script and a director.
It is true what they say, life tells the best stories!

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