IB Carptrack Amino Dip Mega.Krill - 150ml
IB Carptrack Amino Dip Mega.Krill - 150ml
IB Carptrack Amino Dip Mega.Krill - 150ml

IB Carptrack Amino Dip Mega.Krill - 150ml


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Available, enough stock

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The matching Carptrack Amino DIP for the new Boilie!

Carptrack Dips include among others:

Carptrack NHDC, Carptrack Liquid Amino, Carptrack Flavour, Carptrack GLM fullfat, Carptrack Liquid and Carptrack inL



Place your hook baits in one of our Amino Dips for just a moment or many hours.

Everything is possible due to the special adhesive formula. Increase the attractiveness of your Boilies - especially for short trips! The Boilies can also stay in the dip for months and do not become soft or bad!

TIP: combine with gel in the following order: Water/ Gel / Dip / Gel! This makes the dip trapped in the gel. You'll be amazed!


Out now! IB Mega.Krill Range - more krill is not possible!

This grandiose all-season boilie was initially produced without liquid flavour, at least during the production test phase.

But that was yesterday! Now an intense krill flavour rounds off the boilie in an impressive way. As much arctic krill meal as possible was the goal in this blend! Thanks to the heavy ingredients, the binding capacity of protein concentrate and lactalbumin as well as egg albumin and the use of a vacuum extruder, we were able to produce our new hot-anticipated boilie with a fabulous fresh krill content of 20%! Also in the Mega Krill Mix present are Vitamealo and Squid-Liver, as well as Add Fat!


Even more power! In order to further enhance the attractiveness of the Baits, all Boilies are additionally treated with Krill Flavour from the outside before delivery.


A promise! We strongly recommend every Carphunter to break the Boilie open and not only to smell it but to literally melt a piece of the Boilie on your tongue, you will be amazed - promised!!


20mm: The highly intense Mega.Krill Boilies are initially only available as 20mm version, as well as the matching dip and the Mega.Krill Carptrack Amino Gel!


Test at a preferential price: Test now with test discount and send us your feedback!

If possible, use the hashtag #ibmegakrill when posting on Instagram.

Special feedbacks; posts will be rewarded as always.

Team IB


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