Hardcase - Pinpoint-Hooks
Hardcase - Pinpoint-Hooks

Hardcase - Pinpoint-Hooks


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Hardcase - Pinpoint-Hooks
The hardcase was designed so that all Pinpoint-Hooks tools fit into it perfectly. The hardcase contains in the bottom half rubbers which hold the tools when transporting them. The upper half has a netted space where you can store hooks and other small components. The hard plastic case will protect especially well the stone file and the LED-Magnifying glass.

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The hardcase is delivered without contents.

German magazine article and sharpening manual:
"Scharfe Sache" von Marc Voosen - Blinker Ausgabe 10 / 2015

Video Instructions (in German)
Marc Voosen, owner of the company Pinpoint Hooks presents his products and demonstrates step-by-step how to sharpen your hooks and what you should pay close attention to.

Max Nollert’s hook graveyard:
„Since the middle of the 90’s I changed my hooks out on a daily basis and collected them for over 15 years in a box.  Julian Jurkewitz knows the box and I remember his smile when he saw it for the first time!  Someday these can be sharpened up was what I told him. I am not sure exactly when,  but sometime a few years ago during a thourough clean up action in the office they found there way into the trash. With this set I am sure that I could have produced many razor sharp hooks...“

Can you resharp blunt hooks?
In the german magazine "Angelwoche" issue 16 2015, Max Nollert give an answer to this question:

click to enlarge
Video feedback about resharpening hooks, from Philip Brown (in German):

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