Diamond file - Pinpoint-Hooks
Diamond file - Pinpoint-Hooks
Diamond file - Pinpoint-Hooks

Diamond file - Pinpoint-Hooks


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Diamond file - Pinpoint-Hooks
The diamond file with its one centemeter wide area was selected so that a sliding off of the hook is almost impossible. At the end phase of the sharpening process a sliding off of the hook results in a loss of the entire work and the hook will end up in the trash. The length of the file was chosen so that it allows for consistant sharpening strokes which result in better control and best end results.

The diamond coating will last a long time and was chosen as it takes just the right amount of material off the hooks which are used in the carp fishing sector.

The edge of the file can and should be laid against the hook holding device. This assists in maintaining the angle when sharpening and allows for more control when using the file.

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German magazine article and sharpening manual:
"Scharfe Sache" von Marc Voosen - Blinker Ausgabe 10 / 2015

Video Instructions (in German)
Marc Voosen, owner of the company Pinpoint Hooks presents his products and demonstrates step-by-step how to sharpen your hooks and what you should pay close attention to.

Max Nollert’s hook graveyard:
„Since the middle of the 90’s I changed my hooks out on a daily basis and collected them for over 15 years in a box.  Julian Jurkewitz knows the box and I remember his smile when he saw it for the first time!  Someday these can be sharpened up was what I told him. I am not sure exactly when,  but sometime a few years ago during a thourough clean up action in the office they found there way into the trash. With this set I am sure that I could have produced many razor sharp hooks...“

Can you resharp blunt hooks?
In the german magazine "Angelwoche" issue 16 2015, Max Nollert give an answer to this question:

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Video feedback about resharpening hooks, from Philip Brown (in German):