IB Carptrack Flavour "Carp Total!" - 50 ml

IB Carptrack Flavour "Carp Total!" - 50 ml


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product description

This very special "Carp Total!" aroma contents 10 different flavours and three different essential oils. 
The taste and odour are incomparable and exceptional!

- Worm Up Flavour
- Oriental Spice Essential Oil
- Bloodworm Flavour
- Garlic Essential Oil
- Honey Flavour
- Elite Flavour
- Black Pepper Essential Oil
- Elite Strawberry Flavour
- Fish Flavour
- Frankfurter Saussage Flavour
- Monster Flavour
- Osmotic Spice Flavour
- Banana Flavour

Tasty Flavours
The flavours used in the Carptrack range are very intense. Their taste is unmatched and they are highly resistant to boiling. They are the perfect symbiosis with the ingredients used with the different Carptrack base mixes.

What Max Nollert has to say about this: ‘After all these years as a carp fisher and bait manufacturer, I’m still amazed how much impact flavours and essential oils have on the feeding habits of carp.’

Dosage: 7-9 ml / kg

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