Boilie Protector Spray (BPS) - 600 ml
Boilie Protector Spray (BPS) - 600 ml
Boilie Protector Spray (BPS) - 600 ml

Boilie Protector Spray (BPS) - 600 ml


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product description

Boilie Protector Spray, or short BPS, is an absolute innovation for the home production of Boilies. Optimise your production! Rolling perfectly round boilies has never been this easy and they are ready for immediate use!
1 bottle BPS is enough for approx. 100kg dough. Spray a little bit onto your gun, the rollers or the dough sausages and take advantage of the following effects:

- Solid sausages go through the gun much easier
- Dough strands and Boilies don’t stick together anymore
- You finally roll the perfectly round Boilie on your roller
- The unboiled Boilies don’t deform anymore, as you can use
  harder dough
- The Boilies take less water in when being boiled.
  That results in being dry, hard and ready after only 1-2 hours!
- Much less loss of the ingredients when being boiled
- Therefore less clouding and foam
- Neutral in taste and smell
- Improves the inherent smell of boiled and dried Boilies
- Utensils are much easier to clean, no more sticky mess!

Total Film clip on Boilie Production with BPS
(Boilie Protector Spray)