Marc Voosen, Founder of Pinpoint-Hooks, reports on his sharpening tools:
„Over the years I have tested many files, sharpening stones, stone files, metal files, magnifying glasses, etc. And from all these tests I have selected the best materials.

The specially designed magnifying glass has a strong magnification ability which enables a great view of the details of the hook point. The filing stone has the perfect size so that the hook can be safely sharpened and used most effectively. The large surface area ensures that you can maintain perfect control. The granulation and the material of the metal and stone files ensure that you will be able to produce several hundered if not thousands of hooks with super sharp points.

So here I present the Pinpoint-Hooks tools. Everyone now has the ability to sharpen and re-sharpen their hooks with ease, leading to more fish in the net."

German magazine article and sharpening manual:
"Scharfe Sache" von Marc Voocen - Blinker Ausgabe 10 / 2015