iBoats (Inflatable)

5-year guarantee on the boat skin and all attachments - since April 2018!

Current colouring of all iBoats:
- Body of the boat: dark green or ealtree (camouflage pattern)
- high pressure bottom: dark green
- paddle: black lacquered
- seat aluminium: black lacquered + seat cushion 
- iBoat Logos lateral and in the front: orange

Pictures in onlineshop do also show the use of the past iBoat generations!

The iBoat 160 fits set-up into most car trunks and is therefore immediately operational.Your ideal partner for short sessions.iBoat 160
The iBoat 210, quickly operational and also as dinghy. Enough space for echo sounder, bait bucket and unhooking mat– of course also a big carp!
iBoat 210

The iBoat 260, when you are going on bigger trip by yourself. Enough space to also operate comfortably with two people.
iBoat 260

The iBoat 320 for bigger trips. Enough space to carry your entire tackle for over a week, whilst still being able to comfortably row! For all who are undecided whether a 260er or 320er shall be delivered by the postman: a little more space on-site is never bad! If the slightly larger pack size does not hit a small car, you are very well advised with the 320er. – tight lines and now get the BIG ONE out!
iBoat 320

With the iBoat 400 the entry into the stationary boat fishing is particularly easy!
Boat fishing - pure adventure and freedom!
iBoat 400